My site was down for a day and a half and I’ve still not gotten a response as to why. Sure, there was a post on their status page saying they were getting dns flooded, but then they posted saying it was fixed. I hate, hate, hate the support for dreamhost, it’s absolutely shit when things go bad (and they’ve been doing that more and more lately).

The stupid thing is I wouldn’t mind the downtime if they gave up to date answers as to what was going on. Instead of saying “everything is fixed!”, when it’s clearly not, UPDATE YOUR FUCKING STATUS PAGE TO ACCOUNT FOR STUFF STILL BEING BROKEN!


Does anyone know of a good host that’s relatively cheap? I’d hate to move to somewhere else, but now I’m paranoid that not only would my website go down, but I have the potential to lose my data as well (since they don’t guarantee that I’ve found out).

I hate stuff like this.

The Sadness of Death

I tend to read a lot of random webpages over the course of my internet traversals and news gatherings. I’ve turned into somewhat of a news hound as I get older and manage to take in a tremendous amount of information. I certainly don’t remember it all, but certain things stick with you. I read a story the other day about a BART murder in self defense that really, really bothered me. The short of it is that a guy visiting the bay area was mugged, he fought back and stabbed the mugger with the mugger’s knife. The mugger runs home a block or two away and literally dies in his father’s arms. The guy getting mugged only fought back in self defense and didn’t mean to actually kill him, it was a complete accident.

That is a terrible story, and yet, that’s not the end of it. His father said this afterwards:

“I’m angry at both of them,” he said of the robbery victim and Veliz [the guy getting mugged]. “They took my son away from me. He was a hard-working kid.”

He added, “My son is dead. I want somebody to pay for this.”

I want to tell him that his son paid for this, he is paying for this, and I and everyone else who cares about this type of thing happening is paying for this. What his son did was not some victimless crime, it was armed robbery. However good his son was, he did something that ended up causing his own death. I say this not to be mean, but to be realistic. I want people to take responsibility for their actions. I am tremendously sorry for his loss, but blaming other people and making a guy who was mugged and fought back in self defense the “enemy” is the wrong way to go about doing this. Please put his death to good use and speak out against violent crimes, start a boys and girls club, do something productive.

I understand why most people feel how they do about death, but I also wish our culture would learn to embrace it as part of the natural order of things. One of the things that I read in Thich Nhat Hanh’s book that has stuck with me is how he perceives death. This quote in general sums it up. I apologize for the length, but it quite accurately describes how I feel about death.

A few years ago, a pro-government group in Ho Chi Minh City spread a rumor that I had passed away from a heart attack. This news caused much confusion inside the country. A Buddhist nun wrote me that the news arrived at her community while she was teaching a class of novices, and the atmosphere in the class sank and one nun passed out. I have been in exile for more than [thirty] years because of my involvement in the peace movement, and I do not know this young nun or the present generation of Buddhist monks and nuns in Vietnam. But life and death is only a fiction, and not very deep; why do you cry sister? You are studying Buddhism, doing what I am doing. So if you exist, I also exist. What does not exist cannot come into existence and what exists cannot cease to be. Have you realized that, sister? If we cannot bring a speck of dust from “existence” to “non-existence,” how can we do that to a human? On Earth, many people have been killed struggling for peace, for human rights, for freedom, and social justice, but no one can destroy them. They still exist. Sister, do you think that Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Lambrakis, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., are “dead people”? No, they are still here. We are they. We carry them in each cell of our bodies. If you ever hear such news again, please smile. Your serene smile will prove that you have attained great understanding and courage. Buddhism and all of humankind expect this of you.

30 Second RPG

It looks like there’s a Japanese game coming out in which you have to beat a mini-rpg in 30 seconds or less. What’s really cool about it is it dumbs down the rpg so the battles are incredibly quick, but the process of getting to the end is still puzzle and rpg like. You obviously won’t understand the text, but the concept of the game is easy enough to get when you watch this video. You can, in later levels, buy things at the town to refill the 30 seconds, although each time you do so it makes the next time more expensive.

Very, very cool idea and I’d love to play an English version of the game.