I Hate Big Utilities Companies

I got a call from Comcast yesterday while I was walking to the climbing gym and figured it was about a potentially bounced credit card transaction (my credit card number was stolen and had to be reissued). It turns out, that wasn’t the case. They were calling me on my cell phone to ask if I knew that I was paying more than I should be on my internet I have with them. Why no I didn’t know I was spending too much. They then went on to tell me how if I got a package deal with some cable tv that they would be happy to provide me, I’d get a reduced rate on my internet.

I then proceeded to tell the lady on the other side of the phone that I don’t even own a tv and that I have no use for cable television. She didn’t quite seem to understand what she was supposed to do next. She reiterated the fact that I’m still paying too much and it’d be cheaper if I got the bundle. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I really should have asked her what I was going to do with that bundle that would cost me more in the end if I don’t have anything to hook it up to. Instead I tried to politely get off the phone by saying no thank you.

What a pain in the ass. I’ve had to deal with this kind of crap from every utility company I’ve ever had. Phone, internet, cable, dsl, etc, etc, etc. They don’t want to do me a favor, if they did, they’d tell me when they had deals that would lower my already ridiculously priced internet. Bastards.

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