Calvin and Hobbes

Growing up as a kid I looked forward to reading the newspaper comics everyday. I ate breakfast and read the day’s comics in the same order always leaving the best for last. Calvin and Hobbes was always something I looked forward to and I was sad when Bill Watterson decided to move on from making it. I didn’t understand what it’s like to work on the same thing for 10 years so it didn’t make sense to me, but as an adult I get it.

Five years ago I read the entire Calvin and Hobbes collection and wrote down which comics were my favorite. The comics still held up and I found a bunch that I liked, but none quite as much as the very last one that was made. The comic has taken on different meaning for me as I’ve grown older – at first it made me sad because the comic was over, but now it makes me happy because Watterson was starting off on a new adventure. Ashley bought me a framed copy of it a couple of years ago for my birthday and we have it hanging at the bottom of our stairs.

I’m pretty deliberate about the tattoos I get, so even with all of this history and feelings about the series and the specific comic, it still took me a year or two to finally get a tattoo of it. I’m so very happy with how it came out and how Christopher Gay was able to take the comic and form it to my arm in a unique way.

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