A Long Update

In less than 24 hours, I’ll be back home in California for a little over a week on vacation. It’s my longest vacation in over a year and I’m looking forward to it. All the kids are coming back to town and we’re going with my mom and step-dad to a beach house type place. We used to do it every summer back when we were kids but haven’t in about eight years or so. Typically we never use computers, watch tv, or talk on the phone. It’s a place of isolation which I always liked. I think we’re changing it up slightly this year by going out once or twice and watching the world cup live, but aside from that I don’t plan on using any technology other than my mp3 player.

I’ll also be bringing two books: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel and Coders at Work, both of which I’m excited to read. I finally finished The People’s History of the United States of America, which was fucking amazing. I highly, highly recommend it to everyone that wishes to learn about the United States and how it treated the everyday people throughout the years (hint: not very well).

For my year of something I picked to meditate and stretch every day (at least when it’s possible). It’s been pretty nice so far and I really like taking the time out to do it. I should make a longer post about it, but this will do for now.

I’ve started programming at home again on a side project with a couple of friends. It’s pretty damn fun and has gotten me into some aspects of programming I don’t get to do at my job. Learning about mercurial, boost, SDL, configuration libraries, openGL/AL, EASTL, Lua vs Javascript vs Python, and tons of other stuff is quite fun. It’s expanded my knowledge a lot already and I expect it to continue to do so.

It’s fucking hot in Seattle these days (in the mid 90s), which is very welcome compared to how it’s been in the past month or so. Summer is finally here! I went rope climbing out at Exit 38 yesterday and had a blast. I haven’t done that in a couple of years and it scared the shit out of me even though I was climbing a 5.9/10a. Easy, easy routes and yet I was shaking because I was so nervous. Kind of a funny feeling, but I’m sure I’ll get over it once I do it more and/or fall a couple of times. Also, apparently chalk helps, but I also forgot to bring that. Next time for sure.

I bought a new computer a month or so ago. I’m loving it more than the 6 year old one I had previously that didn’t work and even more than the several month old hand me down I got from Shea that smelled of cat piss every time I turned it on which didn’t work either. I’ve been playing a bit of Heroes of Newerth lately, which is a DOTA clone. I’m not addicted to it (like I was before), but it’s kind of nice to be playing something like this again. I missed it!

I finished playing Heavy Rain a couple of weeks ago and was supremely impressed with it. Talking with Dan Miya and Dalin about it last week cemented the fact that I think it’s an incredibly well made game. I’ll probably never go back to play it to see all the alternate endings and stories I could see, but I appreciate the fact that they’re there.

The world cup has been pretty awesome to watch and although I haven’t watched every single game, I’ve probably watched about 75% of them. I’ve really enjoyed all of the recent games as well. Some of them were some serious nail biters that were incredibly awesome to watch. I can’t wait to see Spain play the Netherlands for the final as neither country has ever won a world cup before. Should be good!

That’s it for now. As always seems to happen when I need to pack, I’m procrastinating. I’ll probably do it last minute, as always, and just go to sleep now after meditating/stretching. Good old hatred of packing.

Windy Seattle


I took the water taxi to west Seattle yesterday and rollerskated along the water. It was gorgeous but windy. I hadn’t ever seen Seattle from this vantage point before except in pictures so figured I’d capture one of my own.

Reel Rock Tour 2009

I’ve been a huge, huge fan of Big Up Productions and Sender Films for ages now. For those of you who don’t know who they are, they’re the best rock climbing film makers out there. I have almost all of their videos and watch one at least once a month.

Well, it’s that time of year when they are touring with their newest films on show. I went to one of these a couple of years ago and it’s fantastic. Watching these films on the big screen is pretty amazing. So, I invite all of you to come see it with me on September 17th and the Neptune Theature. It’s $12, but man is it worth it.

If you doubt me, watch the trailer and then come crawling back begging to go.