The rare disease I, and 5% of the population has

Ever since I can remember I’ve had this weird thing with my skin where it puffs up if I scratch or turns bright red. It’s not painful, and sometimes is pretty cool (like when I use a mechanical pencil to draw stuff on myself), but sometimes it isn’t so fun (like when my Spanish teacher asks me in front of the class whether I have a hickey or not).

I never thought about it much because it doesn’t affect my daily life, and I’m so used to it, but I came across this explanation of it while randomly surfing the web.

I don’t have it that bad, and it normally fades away after five minutes, but the picture on Wikipedia’s site is exactly what it looks like when you draw with a mechanical pencil. A lot of people cringe at the idea, but you don’t have to press hard at all to accomplish this; merely scratching with your fingernails often accomplishes the same thing, albiet maybe slightly less raised up.

In any case, I’ve had some fun with it (once having an S like Superman “branded” into my forehead). I’ll take it rather than have to be diabetic or something in the grand scheme of things :).

I’ve found a pretty good picture of it here:

Goodbye Livejournal

This is the first step I’m taking away from Livejournal. I’ve been there for over five and a half years, bought a permanent account, and generally enjoyed my experience there. Once the original owner (Brad Fitzpatrick) left, however, things have gone downhill since then. I don’t agree with many of the decisions they’ve made, especially including selling to a Russian company, disabling the free accounts, and nothing… well, new for a lack of a better way to put it. When Brad worked there, he was hacking on stuff that affected me on a day to day basis. He made memcached, which wikipedia, slashdot, and hosts of other websites use. He believed in the open source and free mentality of giving back to the people who supported his website. That all seems to be waning or completely gone now. I dislike supporting a service even if it’s just by providing content on its site.

I do care about the people who I read on there, however, and it saddens me in a way to leave it. The next step I need to take is to find some way to host my own RSS feeds so that I don’t need to use livejournal’s friend’s page to do that anymore. I’ve heard google RSS is pretty good, but I’d really like to roll my own solution if I could. We’ll see what I can come up with.

One of the things I’ll really miss is a way to publish posts that are protected so that only certain people can see them. If there’s a way to do that on here (and it’s quite possible there is), I’ll need to search it out and find it.

It’ll be a transition for sure, but I think it’s one I’ll prosper for in the end. Goodbye Livejournal, I’m sorry we couldn’t last forever.