Sentry Heatmaps

Not sure how many people will find this awesome, but a guy has been collecting heatmaps based off of TF2 games on his server. On the heatmaps, they he recorded the data of where they were built and how many people they killed in order to get the best positions to put sentries. I’ve actually used this to get better positioning on my sentries. I’ve started playing engineer more and am really, really enjoying it. It’s certainly a needed class and sometimes no one wants to play it. It’s especially necessary on pl maps for defense to lock down those capture points.

I love what Valve has started here with collecting and organizing all of this data. They supply the hooks to the servers and collect much of the data themselves too. This has allowed them to design better maps that are more fun, more balanced, and less frustrating to both sides. I fully approve of this type of data collection for awesome purposes.

My Childhood Gone

Something I’ve missed from my childhood is the awesome slide. I almost never see metal slides anymore (just those stupid plastic ones that create so much static electricity it’s painful). I never see the bad-ass slides with double bumps that are two stories, I don’t see tire swings anymore, and I don’t see crazy multi-level jungle gyms. It makes me sad that we’ve sanitized our playgrounds so much that they’re practically boring.

That is why, when I see this video, it makes me smile. It brings back the child in me. I wish more places had stuff like this. It’s too bad it’s in Japan as I doubt something like this would exist in the US. Too lawyer prone.