Christmas and Presents

I’ve always been a huge fan of giving gifts. In fact, I tend to spend more money on other people than on myself. It gets so bad sometimes that Lauren has to yell at me to stop because I really shouldn’t be doing it as often as I do. During Christmas, I like buying gifts (for the most part, some people are impossible to buy for), but I’ve slowly begun to feel weird asking for gifts. I’m getting to the point in my life where I just don’t really need a whole lot of stuff anymore. I’ve got all of the essentials and way more, so really, do I need even more stuff?

This Christmas, I decided to try to do things a bit differently. I still wanted/needed a couple of things (mostly an mp3 player), but the rest of it, I didn’t feel like I absolutely needed. I felt like I could instead try to donate half of what I would get to a charity instead. I asked my family to instead of giving me their full amount that they would buy for me in gifts, to instead only give me half and donate the rest of it. I listed a couple of charities that they could hopefully choose from and donate some money to. In the end, two people donated $220 (or so, I can’t quite remember) to two different groups. I still got some stuff (including the mp3 player), and managed to help out some people in the process.

I really feel like I don’t need much more stuff, but I still have the desires. For instance, I found an incredibly good deal on a very nice tv this weekend, but the deal only lasted for one day. I could not decide whether I wanted to spend the money on something I didn’t absolutely need (and which was fairly expensive), but would tremendously enjoy. It’s hard for me to justify purchases on myself when I have so much debt from school still looming over my head. Once I pay all of that off, however (and oh will it ever be so nice), I could see myself buying more things and saving at the same time. It’ll be nice.

Christmas music and Trombone Shorty

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but at some point I realized I don’t like Christmas music. I think it took a long time for me to realize it because I didn’t always feel that way, but I’m tired of the same 10 songs being played for a month (sometimes two these years) every year.

Really, it seems that unless it’s done in a totally different manner (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) it just kind of bothers me. Also, I think it has to do with people being falsely happy. People actually tend to get depressed around Christmas, so the music always seems out of place to me. That pretty much explains why I like Trombone Shorty’s O Holy Night rendition he did for Studio 60.

Have a listen.