A New Country, A New Land

Something that I’ve been intensely interested in the past couple of years is government and how it works (and more importantly, how it doesn’t). When I used to drive David Siems home from work, often times we would get to talking about what kind of government we would create if we were starting from scratch. What the logistics of creating a new country would be like from having land (or getting it), creating currency, citizenship, laws, police, government, etc. It was very eye opening to what we both thought should be done and how difficult to nearly impossible it would be to get the US to move towards it.

One of the things we had talked about was starting an island country. This is of course a pipe dream, but it looks like some people are seriously considering it. Wired has a semi-in depth article about it all and it’s a pretty interesting read. What’s most intriguing for me is that they’re trying to make a business out of it somehow. They’re also considering doing all of this without any laws on some of the islands. While I think that’s a terrible, terrible idea, I also think that many different islands trying many different forms of government might not be such a bad idea. We’ve had to work with what we’ve had for so very long that getting large changes into the system is damn near impossible (look at health care for instance).

Regardless, it tickles my geek bone, especially since it has to do with human behavior, technology, politics, and everything inbetween.