Impossible Codes

There’s something mysterious, something awe inspiring, something amazing about cryptography and codes that no one can seemingly break. There is an article up at Wired about the code that’s at the CIA headquarters engraved in a sculpture in one of the courtyards.

It’s gorgeous and I love the fact that people are having an incredibly hard time cracking the code. It makes me very happy that the creator of the sculpture hasn’t told anyone the answer either. He thought it would take people seven years in order to crack it, but it’s been over 18 and only three out of the four parts of it have been broken. Really cool and interesting read.

DES Cracker

This is the kind of stuff that tickles my nerd awesome bone. It’s a machine that was built specifically to brute force a 56 bit DES key. Essentially what it did was try all 72,057,594,037,927,936 (72 quadrillion) keys for the password in order to prove that the format was not secure.

Awesome, sexy, and very cool.