Fallout Music

One of the things that I’ve realized while playing Fallout 3 is that I absolutely love the music. It’s a blend of 1920s-1940s music as best as I can tell. The one thing that I hate about the game, however, is it seems to really only have 10 songs or so and when the game is 40+ hours long, it tends to get REALLY repetitive listening to the same music over and over again.

I happened to come across The 1920s Network however, which is fantastic. It has very similar sounding music to what’s in the game with a bit more variety. I never thought I’d actually like this type of music, but indeed I do!

In fact, I’m listening to it at work right now.

Fallout 3

I’ve been playing Fallout 3 for over 20 hours now and have come to a couple of conclusions. First, I love you Fallout 3. You’re everything I want in a video game. You’re smart, funny, customizable, bad ass, involving, and awesome. Unfortunately, you also have a couple of STDs that made me regret sleeping with you. You crash/hang often and your world is glitchy, especially the physics and pathing. Oh, and that time when you had the brotherhood of steel attack and kill me even though I hadn’t done anything to them? That was swell. I had to restart an hour and a half earlier because I hadn’t saved in a while. I don’t do that anymore.

Seriously though, it’s a fantastic game. I was a little wary of it because I hadn’t played this kind of big, seriously open world type game before (even though everyone said Oblivion was awesome), but I find out I like it. I like it a lot. As with GTA4, the real star of this game is the world. It’s utterly fantastic. I find myself walking around the outsides and staring at all of the beauty. It’s this utterly scary world in which a nuke has dropped on Washington DC, and it’s very believable. While I absolutely love the outside of the world, I hate, hate, hate the underground and insides. It’s super claustrophobic and annoying. Yes, I understand that you can’t put everything out in the world to see, but I hate tromping around the same god damned looking buildings over and over and over again. While the outside seems to be so varied, the inside seems exactly the same, and that’s just too bad.

Fallout 3 certainly has a bad case of the “just one more…” type mantras that started with Civilization. I’ll try to complete a quest only to find out I need to actually do umpteen more things first. I love the ability to jump to different locations if you’ve visited there before. It almost makes walking outside painfully slow, if it weren’t for the fact the fact that the outside is WAY better than the inside. Seriously, I can’t stress it enough, whoever thought that making underground tunnels that all look the exact fucking same was a good idea should be shot.

This is a mighty ramble, but if you couldn’t tell, I love the game. The animations are terrible, the voice acting is laughable most of the time, but the story, ambiance, and world all make up for it. I love how you can do damn near whatever you want from blowing up a town to killing nearly everyone you find to saving people from being slaves. This game has a ton and I can see myself playing it for quite a while.