Windy Seattle


I took the water taxi to west Seattle yesterday and rollerskated along the water. It was gorgeous but windy. I hadn’t ever seen Seattle from this vantage point before except in pictures so figured I’d capture one of my own.

A conversation I had this weekend

Lauren and I were walking home from Whole Foods on Saturday when we encountered a guy sitting on the side of the street that was obviously intoxicated. Our conversation went as follows:

Him: Hey, do you have a light?
Me: No, I don’t smoke, sorry.
Him: Do you smoke weed?
Me. No.
Him: Me neither.
Him: Hey, does she give good head?

Lauren and I had walked past him at that point, but what a strange conversation. Luckily it was odd enough that we just shrugged it off and laughed, but still, I wonder what was going through that guy’s head to get to that point?

Big City Living Part 2

One of the things, if not the biggest thing, that I hate about Seattle is the amount people smoke.  I grew up around a bunch of people that smoked, and yet nothing is as bad as what it is in Seattle.  People will smoke constantly and then toss the butts on the ground and just walk away.  There aren’t really any trash cans anywhere in the city and so the garbage just piles up in the streets.  The butts lead to other tiny pieces of trash and eventually it gets to the point where it’s just kind of disgusting.

Not only is smoking one of the grosses habits of all time, but the fact that it creates litter and points out that some people just really don’t care about the city disgusts me. I happen to live in one of the areas where people tend to smoke a lot and it bothers me quite a bit… and yet thankfully, it’s at least not allowed in doors. A couple of years ago, I could imagine that going to a bar would be a completely different ordeal. I love being able to go right next door or down the street to a bar and come home smelling so fresh and so clean. Three years ago or so and I’d have smelled like smoke incarnate.

The thing that always gets me about people who smoke is that they know it’s a bad habit. They know it’s going to cause problems for them down the line. Sure, they may be able to say their grandpa smoke his whole life and is still alive at 86… but what are the chances that’ll happen for them too? I guess people just don’t care nearly as much if it’s not an immediate problem. If it’s something that’s going to happen 30-50 years down the line, they just don’t care nearly as much. It kind of makes me sad in a way.

I wonder if there were trash cans and ash trays around the city if people would use them instead of tossing their butts on the ground. I would hope so, but then people would have to clean them out and that’d be a lot of work for not a whole lot of gain. If people would just pick up after themselves, the whole area would be so much cleaner and more presentable. I’m guessing a lot of people that live in this area just don’t care about that though. Bollocks.

Big city living

I often wonder what the people do in the apartments I can see late at night. I also wonder if people see me sitting at my computer doing nothing important.

I sometimes wish it were like Friends where there is a funny naked guy (ok, not him exactly, but someone as interesting as him) to look at outside my window. I guess I could look at it the other way and be thankful I don’t have to deal with crack dealers or something similar outside my window.

I wonder when giving people on the street money if they’re scamming me or if they really do need the money. I like to think that I only give it to people that really are just down on their luck and need the money, but I don’t think I’m that naive. I felt incredibly dirty one day after giving a guy money because I felt he had conned me. I tried to justify it to myself that even if he was lying and conning me that he probably did need the money, so the compassion was worth it; I’m not entirely sure that worked though.

I think we need to give people asking for money permits to find out if they really need the money or not. Then I can just ask for their card and see. There’s no way it can’t work!