Clean Water For All

Clean water is a huge problem. Probably way bigger than you’d actually think coming, most likely, from a nation in which it’s delivered in pipes straight to your apartment/house/building with no thought at all from you about how it got there or how clean it is. When millions of people get diarrhea a year and thousands die, it’s a serious problem. There is a new invention that Michael Pritchard talks about that is able to filter all water to give potable water from nearly any source at all. It filters out viruses, bacteria, waste, anything. Fantastic stuff. Absolutely brilliant.

A TED Talk on the Biosphere 2

Really, really good talk on the Biosphere 2 (and 1). I love projects that really go out and do crazy stuff like this. I think it would be fascinating and a ton of fun to be in something like this. To take two years of my life to do it, well, that’s a bit crazy, but probably worth it. I love these talks from people who are obviously fully invested in their ideas and are passionate about them. This is certainly one of those talks.

A Good Talk on Changing the World

I really liked this TED talk because it is very much about something I’m interested in: changing the world. His claim (and something I totally agree with), is that you need a dedicated group of people with a leader that is willing to push the rest of the group to go towards the task. It’s not hard, it just takes dedication.

I haven’t figured out what I’d like to champion, but once I do, maybe I’ll be able to change the world :). I feel like there’s almost too many things that I’m interested in at the moment in order to choose just one. Also, I have a problem with the fact that I try to rate them all. Is saving a life more important than improving the quality of life for several people? Do computers make as much of a difference in the developing world as perhaps some more food or antibiotics would? It’s hard for me to answer those questions especially because I have no idea where to even start once I get past what I think I’d like to do. Maybe I need to just jump in and do it and flail around for a while before I figure out what I actually need/want to do.